Easy & instant editing of online file attachments.

The Ategra WebFileHandler is the easy and developer-friendly solution to all your online file attachment editing needs. Focusing on reliability and ease-of-use, the WebFileHandler handles all server-to-client communications and provides you with a dead-simple API.

Six reasons to use the Ategra WebFileHandler


Works everywhere

User connects as usual to your application and may edit the document locally instantly.


Supports all filetypes

User edits/modifies the files locally with their preferred application.


Highly customizable

You have full control over all files supported in your application.


Central storage - local editing

It was never so easy to give the user all capabilities to edit files localy but store them on a central server


Supports all web servers

ATEGRA WebFileHandler works with all common web servers. Required is that the web server may send and receive http post/get request.


Secure storage

According to your need you configure the security settings - use https or even client certificates, it's up to you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Open, Edit, Save

$3'999 for unlimited, domain-wide usage.
Get your copy of the Ategra WebFileHandler today.