Easy & instant editing of online file attachments.

The Ategra WebFileHandler is the easy and developer-friendly solution to all your online file attachment editing needs. Focusing on reliability and ease-of-use, the WebFileHandler handles all server-to-client communications and provides you with a dead-simple API.

Six reasons to use the Ategra WebFileHandler


Works everywhere

User connects as usual to your application and may edit the document locally instantly.


Supports all filetypes

User edits/modifies the files locally with their preferred application.


Highly customizable

You have full control over all files supported in your application.


Central storage - local editing

It was never so easy to give the user all capabilities to edit files localy but store them on a central server


Supports all web servers

ATEGRA WebFileHandler works with all common web servers. Required is that the web server may send and receive http post/get request.


Secure storage

According to your need you configure the security settings - use https or even client certificates, it's up to you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Open, Edit, Save

$3'999 for unlimited, domain-wide usage.
Get your copy of the Ategra WebFileHandler today.

Meet the makers


The Ategra WebFileHandler has been developed by Stefan and Heinz at Ategra. With the creation of the WebFileHandler, they hoped to address a common and often overlooked problem in many of their customers workflow.
To ensure the WFH a bright future, the project got backed by Ategra.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AWFH work?

Over the http(s) network connection the file will be transferred from your server to the client and opened there with the corresponding locally installed application.

Does somebody else have access to the files?

Because the file will be transmitted from your application directly to your client nobody else has access to the files. You can even encrypt the transmission by using https protocol.

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to send a mail to awfh ( at ) ategra.ch.
Note: Contract is made between you and ATEGRA (ATEGRA AG, Kreuzstrasse 60, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland, Phone: +41 44 392 21 20).

Which OS is supported?

The current version supports Windows OS with at least Java 1.6. A Mac version will be supplied upon request.

What kind of access rights do I have to give the AWFH on the server?

There must be a way to send HTTP GET/POST requests to the server. Your Web application determines the way how files are stored on your server.

Are there any cases where the AWFH can not be used?

So far no case is known.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, see the Developer's Guide, which is provided after purchase.

Does AWFH work with a reverse proxy?

Yes, AWFH is already in use in environments with reverse proxy.